Winners Fab Find: Star Sweater

sweater: winners // pants: club monaco // booties: club monaco 

I'm back in the Wild West after a very busy weekend back home in Toronto. 
It was way too short as usual but with work commitments I had to come back. I'm feeling terribly homesick which tends to happen whenever I go home but this time it feels extra sad. I just miss being around my family and friends and hate feeling like I'm missing out. I am so grateful to have such a tight knit family and group of friends. I had the privilege of watching one of my best friends get married this past weekend and even though we don't see each other all the time it feels like no time has passed by at all. I do plan on eventually making the move back though and thats something to look forward to!

I'm back and back to taking photos like a crazy girl in the snow. It was freezing but I did get to show off my new sweater I found at Winners. Winners and I sometimes have a complicated relationship. I'm a pretty impatient girl and sometimes I don't have the effort to look through the racks but I was feeling particularly lucky one day. Oh and was I lucky, I actually found three sweaters on my little trip and all at amazing prices. This sweater for example, was $20! Crazy eh? I absolutely love it and love how bold it is. I also can't seem to take off these flared pants so I hope you don't get sick of them! 

I'd love to know your #WinnersFabFinds... any good ones!? 

Shop my outfit here: 

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