tropical prints

dress: h&m (fairly recent) // sunglasses: karen walker // watch: michael kors // shoes: le chateau 

This past Saturday I just felt like dressing up for no particular reason at all. Sometimes, a girl's just gotta put on a dress and own it right? I've actually had this dress for just over a month and I'm only now wearing it. I bought it for a particular event and never actually wore it but since it was so nice on Saturday I said why not? My boyfriend and I wandered around the East Village here in Calgary just for a walk and some ice cream. We stumbled upon these amazing walls of art and I cannot believe I've only now discovered them. They are literally beautiful and the perfect backdrop for outfit photos!

In other news, How is it August 10th? I just can't get over how fast the summer's gone and before you know it it will be freezing outside for pretty much the entire year... ahhh Alberta problems. Luckily for me, I'll be escaping it in Sept/October :) Cannot wait to tell you more about it soon! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend... and if you have a dress in your closet that's begging to be worn.. do it! ;) 

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  1. Love this dress on you! I bought the white one for my last CrossIron collab and can't stop wearing it! It's just so comfy and feminine. Love love love it! xx


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