breezy summer

Monday, 28 July 2014 | 2 comments

top: zara (recent & on sale!) // jeans: gap // sandals: zara (old) // bag: UO  (old) // sunglasses: ray-ban // watch: marc by marc jacobs // necklace: club monaco 

Happy Monday! How did the weekend go by so quickly? 
I'm so incredibly tired after such a busy weekend. We went to see Wicked (which was amazing!), had way too much food, and went for a 12 km hike yesterday! My legs officially feel like jello. 

I wore this outfit for dinner with my family before the show. I love white jeans but they kinda freak me out. I'm a pretty clumsy person so I'm always paranoid that I'll spill something (thankfully I didn't). White jeans also make me a tad self conscious since they typically show every part of your body- some that you may not want to show, but on this typical day I felt like rocking them! 

On a separate note, please tell me I'm not the only one who's been sucked into the amazing Zara sale? I can't help myself, I keep going back for more.. someone please stop me... haha Seriously though, this top was only $29.99! SCORE! 

striped tunic cool

Friday, 25 July 2014 | 5 comments

tunic: c/o: old navy // shorts: c/o: old navy // shoes: zara // sunglasses: joe fresh // watch: marc by marc jacobs // necklace: james michelle 

This is easily one of my favourite outfits this summer!
 I've been looking for the perfect tunic and finally found it at Old Navy! It's super lightweight and breezy which is perfect for those hot days and cooler nights. Seriously guys, Old Navy is killing it lately, every time I go in I end up with at least 10 things in the change room! Shopping problems to the max...

In other news, It's FRIDAY! I'm going on a little road trip with the fam jam and I'm so excited! The weekend is packed solid with plans and I can't wait.

Have a great weekend & see you back here on Monday!

that romper life

Wednesday, 23 July 2014 | 2 comments

jean jacket: gap // romper: club monaco // flats: aldo // watch: michael kors // bracelet: tiffany & co // sunglasses: ray-ban // necklaces: gifted 

Does this print look familiar? 
I totally didn't mean to post these photos back to back but with the arrival of my family a few days ago it's been pretty busy around here. I shot these photos a few weeks ago when I was visiting Edmonton and staying at the gorgeous Fairmont downtown. 
Rompers don't normally work on me. I love the idea of them but most of the time they are too short and expose things that aren't meant to be exposed haha. This one from Club Monaco changed the game for me because it's actually long and won't shrink since it's silk. It's so comfortable too! I'm excited to wear it whenever I'll be able to go on vacay.... 

Happy Wednesday!
What do you think about rompers? Do they work on you?